Vyara is basically a tribal area. The 90% population of this area is of tribal people. These tribal living their life in forest are very poor beings. They suffer from number of ailments. Anemia T. B. Skin Diseases, Diabetes etc. Sickle Cell Anemia is extensively spread and visible. Apart from these diseases many other fundamental diseases are also found in these tribal people. Their ever-burning problems can he solved by Homoeopathic Medicines. One has to only endeavor serious and enough efforts..


More work towards redemption can be obtained by medium of imparting more education of this branch and method of medicine and treatment. Central Council of Homoeopathy has made arrangement to impart knowledge of Homoeopathy through a Degree Course. In context of the same, it was decided to run a Homoeopathy Degree College at Vyara.

It was concluded that this kind of treatment by method of Homoeopathy to suit the pockets of even poor people in a tribal place like Vyara would be a boon to the public at large of the area. Over and above this a big task of providing service to the needy backward society can be achieved. This was the basic and fundamental cause in establishment this kind of Institution.

It is anticipated that research work in Genetic disease like sickle cell Anemia prevailing in the tribal people of this area should be carried out by Homoeopathic Methods. And it is obvious at the same time that such noble work can not be carried out without establishment of necessary College, Hospital, Laboratory, Expert Doctors and over and above all these a big force of human Chain. And therefore hardest efforts are being made to solve this triangle of education-health-research to the entire benefit of tribal people. It would also help in lot more ways and means for the forthcoming generation in the field of health. And lastly but not the least one would derive satisfaction towards the mite contributed by oneself to the human problems and dignity towards the mankind.


This Institution came into its being through a generous donation made by Late Shri Anilbhai Shah (Kachwala). A Public Trust was created specifically which is whole heartily represented by cream of the society, representing person connected with medical profession, lawyers, industrialists and education. This Trust has commenced its activities by making its basic step towards a big leap firstly by establishing a Homoeopathy College & Hospital. The second step towards activity of this concept was to commence and now it has established a Homoeopathic research Centre of Sickle Cell Anaemia. After this Trust established a Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary Education Centre and intend to establish Employment Centre for deprived females. Its also has plan to provide a Community Home for the sick for helpless and deprived Senior Citizens with a view that they can pass balance of their life comfortably and without worries. It also has planned to make significant achievements in the fields of art, music, cultural by caring out with many type of activities in these branches. Over and above all these this Trust also plans to give Computer Education, a Library and self employment based Training Programs. These are the programs that are planned stage wise, And the Trust also intends to implement such other activities that are found connected, incidental and is necessary for uplifting that social, economical, educational and moral standards of public at large - The Trust intends to carry out all its aims and object by means of collective leadership is, I due regards towards the generous donors.


Within very short period of 27 month of beginning of College establishment, the trust has completed its fully equipped building on 4 acres of land and it is only possible due to co - operation of donors and firm determination of the organizers.

Shri Naranbhai Bhakta of Mahuva now residing in Nigeria has minutely observed the working of the trust and satisfied with the activities of trust. He has donated huge amount of Rs. 11 Lacs. for the purpose of Homoeopathic Hospital.

Mrs. Savitriben and Shri Naranbhai attended function wherein, the Hospital was named as "Kalidas Homoeopathic Hospital", donation of which was through G. H. Bhakta memorial foundation (Mahuva). One of trustee of this foundation Mr. Nalinbhai Vyas took keen interest, his participation in this donation was very useful and important.

It would have been possible only because of keen interest and heartfelt feelings of Mr. Nalinbhai Vyas and Mr. Viralbhai Purohit.


Shri Nareshbhai H. Joshi Declared donation for Auditorium of this Institution and Shri Kanchanbhai Tailor also declared his donation for library. Shri Thakorbhai Tailor is much interested to see that the development of this Institution by way of donation would be his efforts, through Indo-American society.


Sr. No. Name Purpose
1 G.H. Bhakta Foundation Hospital Name
2 Chhotalal Nagindas Kothari Collage Names
3 Shri Anilbhai Chandubhai Shah Trust Names
4 M.P. Grant (Mandvi) Laboratory
5 Kusum-Jayesh Assem Seva Charitable Foundation Peripharal OPD
6 Thakorbhai Tailer PG Department
7 Shri Jamubhai Daraji Hostel
8 M.P. Grant (Mandavi) Hostel
9 Smt. Ramaben Harshadbhai Shah Mess
10 Mrs. Jahnvikaben R. Upadhyay Medical van
11 Harshadbhai Chandulal Shah Harshad Chandulal Hall Name
12 Rameshbhai Narshibhai Bhakt-Kapura Hospital
13 Nareshbhai Harshadbhai Joshi Auditorium
14 Savitriben Naranbhai Bhakt-Mahuva Hospital
15 Kanchanbhai Atmarambhai Daraji Library Department
16 Shri Zaverchand Joghaji Shah ICU Name
17 Mrs. Vilasiniben K. Desai Campus (Arogya Sankul)
18 Harshadbhai-Ramaben Shah Physiotherapy Unit
19 Shri Naranbhai Bhakta Red Cross Bhavan
20 Shri Virendrabhai Majmudar Mobile Dispensary
21 Shri Kanchanbhai Daraji Water Cooler
22 Smt. Ilaben Thakorbhai Tailor Dialysis Centre
23 Shri Bhikubhai Patel Surgical Camp