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Aruna Anil Vyara Pradesh Vikas Pratishthan is committed to promote the science of homeopathy, to improve the standards of homeopathic education.


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Webinar 04 by Dr. K.N. Bhatt Sir


C.N.K.H.M.C.&R.C, Vyara & H.M.A.I, Vyara unit organized fourth Webinar on "Current scenario of COVID19" today. Speaker Dr. sir from Government Medical College & New Civil Hospital, Surat educated Intern doctors and final year students and informed that Homoeopathic students & intern doctors can be appointed as "કોવિડ૧૯ સહાયક" in emergency situation. Teaching faculty, HMAI Vyara unit members, Interns & 4th BHMS students attended webinar. All participants were awarded with a soft copy of printable certificate of participation. Principal Dr. Jyoti Rao extended gratitude to the speaker and assured for any kind of help in treating Covid19 patients with Homoeopathic medicines.


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