College celebrated World Homoeopathy day on 09/04/2022 by organising a free homoeopathic camp, distribution of sports prizes and conducting quiz contest for students.
Dr. Vaishali Chaudhari and team managed Homoeopathic camp.
Dr. Bhumika Chaudhari managed distribution of sports prizes.
Dr. Swapnil Khengar and team executed Quiz contest successfully.
Dr. J. J. Jain & Dr. Tushar Dhimmer were the scorer and judges of the event.
Dr. Bhavna Patel, Dr. Sona Shah, Dr. Shraddha Dholiya, Dr. Dhiral Vyas and other staff were the Quiz masters of the contest.
Dr. Dhruni Gavli, Dr. Anjali Sindhi anchored the whole event.
The entire program were conducted under observation of Dr. Bhavin Modi and under guidance of Principal Dr. Jyoti Rao Ma'm.
The program was full of fun and educative.
Result of Quiz contest
1st prize - Rs. 2001+certificate+ballpens
Winner - Cal. Fluor group
1 Sorathiya Ekta (L) IV th BHMS
2 Shiroya Abhishek IV th BHMS
3 Pankhaniya Sndip III rd BHMS
4 Ahir Jinal IInd year
2nd prize - 1601/- +certificate + ballpens
Winner - Natrum sulph group
1 Panchal Raj. IV th BHMS
2 Chauhan Mansi (L) IV th BHMS
3 Kapdi Vinit. III BHMS
4 Nasit Harshil. Il nd BHMS
3rd prize - 1201/- +certificate + ballpens
Winner - Kali Sulph group
1 Patel Hetvi (L) IV th BHMS
2 Nakrani Isha IV th BHMS
3 Patel Saloni Ill rd BHMS
4 Kanparia Mansi Il nd BHMS
4th prize - 901/- +certificate + ballpens
Winner - Cal. Sulph group
1 Parmar Rahul IV th BHMS
2 Dayma Vijay (L) IV th BHMS
3 Solanki Dhruti III rd BHMS
4 Nabde Nikhilesh Il nd BHMS
5th prize - 701/- +certificate + ballpens
Winner - Kali Phos group
1 Patel Nidhi (L) IV th BHMS
2 Parmar Harshad IV th BHMS
3Mourya Aakash Ill rd BHMS
4 Bhaliya Vibhuti Il nd BHMS
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