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One day seminar with Dr. Jayeshbhai Patel, (Surat)

One day seminar with Dr. Jayeshbhai Patel, (Surat)

 C. N. Kothari homeopathic medical college and research centre in collaboration with HMAI, Vyara unit arranged one day clinical interaction with 30 yrs experienced homoeopath in treating deep seated pathological diseases Dr. Jayesh Patel from diamond city Surat at college auditorium on 24 December 2016.

He starts with the word meaning of DIVINITY, then he shows some sever pathological cases resolved by common homeopathic medicine with easy indication to be used in like every case homeopathic physician came across, thus he shows how the homeopathic science is really Divine science for the patient as they are quickly cured within short time which no other medical science can do.

He also shows the road map to achieve Divinity of homeopathic science to the budding homoeopaths (4th BHMS & INTERNS). During time so many cases with pre and post treatment photographs of patients under his care.

Thus he inspired every participant to catch the divinity of this beautiful homeopathic science.

To make this event successful all the college staff has taken efforts under the expert guidance of principal madam Dr. Jyoti Rao.

Behalf of college Dr.Mahendra Burad (Academic Incharge) & behalf of HMAI Dr Swapnil Khengar welcomed Dr Jayesh Patel sir.

In the end vote of thanks extended by Dr Swapnil Khengar, all the participants dispersed with great joy of Seminar.

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