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Aruna Anil Vyara Pradesh Vikas Pratishthan is committed to promote the science of homeopathy, to improve the standards of homeopathic education.


Admission guidelines for 1st Year B.H.M.S. College Contact No. 9909073496 Land Line: 02626 224651


Conclusion of Sports Festival 2018-19

C.N.K.H.M.C. & R.C, Vyara witnessed the most memorable and enjoyable days in SPORTS FESTIVAL 2018-19. Glimpses of the event presented here. Number of indoor & outdoor games organized like cricket, volleyball, kho kho, kabaddi, badminton, carom, chess, table tennis, the thursday game show, musical chair, hula hoop ring, rope skipping, rope pulling, lemon spoon, one leg race, three leg race, sac race, relay race, educative treasure hunt etc. in different format for boys & girls. Congratulations all champion teams, runner up teams, winners in 1st & 2nd position & all participants. Great job done by referees, umpires, scorers, timers, commentators, volunteers, captains etc. Excellent cheers up, shouting, screaming by audience. Thanks a lot principal Dr. Jyoti Rao Ma’am & Management for the wonderful event.

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