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Aruna Anil Vyara Pradesh Vikas Prashthan is committed to promote the science of homeopathy, to improve the standards of homeopathic education.


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Annual Day Celebration

The 12th January 2017 was marked by the celebration of college Annual Day - Radiance 2017 of C. N. Kothari Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Vyara. Various cultural events were presented by students among which were Dance, Singing, Drama, Monoacting & Fashion Show. At the end of fashion few teaching staff also made their presence in various traditional dresses. The whole event was successfully organized by cultural committee headed by Dr. J. J. Jain & Supportive staff Dr. Bhavna Patel & Dr. Swapnil Khengar. It was guided & supported by the principal of the college Dr. Jyoti R. Rao.


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